Join us on an exploration of how the natural elements have been used throughout time and across many cultures in magic and medicine making.  We will spend time immersed in each element, through journaling, meditation, and ritual.  We will explore symbology, magical and medicinal plants and their applications, alchemy, vibrational medicine, ancestral magic, and crafting your own spell-work.  You will learn how to integrate elemental magic into your personal practice to support your own, unique magic and medicine. 

This course is an 8 week journey exploring the 4 Earth elements, as well as the integration of the 5th element (Aether or spirit).

The course is delivered weekly in PDF form accompanied by an audio/video lecture, weekly exercises, and guided mediations. Along our journey will will harness the extra celestial potency offered by the moon cycle, festival days, and other astrological occurrences to deepen our practice. A private facebook group allows participants to share their experiences. Bring your magical journal and get comfy with a cup of tea!

A start date has not yet been set for this course. Please send us your email below to be notified when registration opens.