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Curried Roasted Butternut Squash Soup (with a dash of magic)

At this time of year, all I want to eat is soup. Soup and soft, warm homemade bread. Yes please. In the winter I think I crave the nourishment of a rich, vegetable-based soup and the medicine of all the wintertime spices. Isn’t it interesting how the spices we tend to gravitate towards for autumn and winter meals are actually just the medicine needed to drive off winter colds and flu? I’m not sure if this is medicinal knowledge that was passed down centuries ago and integrated into our culture or if, like many animals, we still possess the ability to self medicate by being drawn to plants and herbs that our bodies need at certain times. I certainly experienced that phenomenon during my pregnancies. Vibrational medicine, such as flower essences, are also a wonderful addition to soups. I like to add a little magic to my cooking by using flower essences. Flower essences work on an energetic level to address the emotional and spiritual needs of the body. One of my favorite essences this season for using in nourishing soups and drinks is Pacific Dogwood Flower Essence.

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