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Nature Mandalas: Magic, Meditation, & Thanksgiving

We are in the midst of a season of gratitude. Not just because of the American holiday of Thanksgiving, but because we have crossed the threshold of Samhain and the final “harvest” and now it’s time to turn inward and reflect on our year; to be grateful for the blessings we have in our lives, the positive things that we have manifested over the past season, and the ways in which we have grown.  Jupiter is in its happy place at this time of year, the constellation Sagittarius, and Jupiter is all about expansion, spiritual growth, and opportunity. We must plant the seeds of the new year in the darkness so that they can germinate during this period of rest and reflection and begin to manifest in spring.  Before we can plant those seeds, we have to assess our own progress and show gratitude.  Gratitude to the universal spirit, to the earth, to our own higher self, to those who have encouraged us this season, to our ancestors, spirit guides, local nature spirits and to the land.

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4 Simple Steps to Supercharge your Medicine-making using Astro-herbalism

We have a nice little stand of comfrey at the end of our driveway. 🌿 Comfrey is ruled by Saturn and it is supposed to be most potent when harvested on Satur(n’s)day during the Saturn hour (either the first or 8th hour of the day, beginning at sunrise). Comfrey is an incredible vulnerary (wound healer) both internally and externally. It is also an astringent (constricts tissues, slows bleeding) and a demulcent (soothes mucus membranes). Saturn rules the bones, as well as lung-related diseases and skin diseases. You can those properties reflected in comfrey’s healing. Comfrey was commonly called “bone-knit” because of its affinity for broken bones and it’s astringent properties make it excellent for speedy healing of wounds (note: it heals from the outside in and is especially potent when combine with St. John’s Wort, which heals from the inside out). This particular bundle (pictured above) was harvested when the moon was in Pisces and Pisces rules the lymphatic system (and the feet!) so those leaves will end up playing a leading role in an extra potent all-around healing oil & salve.

What am I talking about? Medical astrology and astro-herbalism. Have you ever been acquainted with the process of planting and harvesting by the moon? It’s quite a common practice; even nowadays you can even find information in your trusty Farmer’s Almanac that can be picked up at any grocery or hardware store. Well, astro-herbalism is kind of like planting-by-the-moon…on steroids. If you want to take your medicine making to the next level, keep reading!

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New Moon in Scorpio Meditation

Tonight’s new moon is in Scorpio and Scorpio represents the darkest time of autumn, when the Earth is about to sink into dormancy, where we journey to the underworld and in doing so shed all the layers of ourself and explore our deepest depths, dying to our former selves and eventually being reborn like the Babylonian myth of the goddess Inanna. Scorpio is the flaming sword that guards the Secrets of the Universe.  Scorpio invites us to be tested and through each test to shed another layer of our ego and open ourselves to Spirit.  

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