New Year Divination Walk


On New Year’s Day we headed into the forest to see what treasures the winter weather may have blown onto the trail and to look for symbols of what might be in store for us in 2019. 


First we came upon a solitary, big, beautiful Chanterelle mushroom. These little rays of sunshine appear in the PNW from about December through March and I think they do that to remind us that there will be sunshine in the future! 🌞 If you read my post on Samhain mushroom magic, then you know mushrooms are one of my favorite magical and medicinal beings.


Next we heard a pack of coyotes singing. We all stopped on the trail to listen. Isabelle has a new deck of animal oracle cards,  but unfortunately coyote was not part of the deck, so we looked up coyote online and this is what we found: “The coyote totem is strikingly paradoxical and is hard to categorize. It’s a teacher of hidden wisdom with a sense of humor, so the messages of the coyote may paradoxically appear in the form of a joke or trickery. Don’t be tricked by the foolish appearances. The spirit of the coyote may remind you to not take things too seriously and bring more balance between wisdom and playfulness.” More at:


Finally, we saw a stick on the trail shaped like a fishing rod, but bent really dramatically like it had caught a huge fish. Maybe we’re going to catch something big this year?? 

🐠 #newyearmusings #forestdivination