Nature Mandalas: Magic, Meditation, & Thanksgiving


We are in the midst of a season of gratitude. Not just because of the American holiday of Thanksgiving, but because we have crossed the threshold of Samhain and the final “harvest” and now it’s time to turn inward and reflect on our year; to be grateful for the blessings we have in our lives, the positive things that we have manifested over the past season, and the ways in which we have grown.  Jupiter is in its happy place at this time of year, the constellation Sagittarius, and Jupiter is all about expansion, spiritual growth, and opportunity. We must plant the seeds of the new year in the darkness so that they can germinate during this period of rest and reflection and begin to manifest in spring.  Before we can plant those seeds, we have to assess our own progress and show gratitude.  Gratitude to the universal spirit, to the earth, to our own higher self, to those who have encouraged us this season, to our ancestors, spirit guides, local nature spirits and to the land.  

One powerful way to give thanks and to engage in meditation is to create nature mandalas. I create these throughout the year with my children. Every time we go on a hike, visit a beach, or walk in the forest, we give thanks by creating an intuitive mandala from found objects and leaving it return to the earth, to be washed by the tide, or to put a smile on another bypassers face.  

Nature mandalas or nature altars are a wonderful way to reflect and give thanks.  Just by engaging in the creation of one, your brain is able to detach for a time from linear time and space and move into a theta wave state.  This is the brain wave state that invites messages from our intuition, so you never know what might come through!  Our intuition or subconscious is connecting and interacting with so much more than we can see at any given moment. When we are in nature, we are communicating energetically with all the beings around us - animal, plant, fungi.  To invite communication simply rest in a place of gratitude as you collect and place items and be open to any messages or guidance you may receive! ✨🙏✨